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All articles and information pertaining to Climate Change, Eco Sustainablility, Global Cooling / Warming and anything to with the ecology of our earth is uploaded here..

BASIL vs Tulsi’s Many Wonders

Basil is praised for its health promoting and disease preventing properties.  It is the sacred basil that has captivated the imagination of man, long before the times of Rigveda for good health and its environmental benefits.  This plant… Continue reading

Structured Water

The hydrologic cycle is one of the most important life support systems on the planet. We are facing serious consequence for the current and future generations in the way we are contaminating our freshwater resource. Incidences of water-related diseases are… Continue reading

Effortless Recycling

e waste & re use

Anything that runs on electricity has a life cycle, and at one point or another becomes obsolete. Electronic and electrical products include: computers, entertainment electronics, mobile phones, household appliances and some less obvious items such… Continue reading

Eureka . . . Eucalyptus Trees


Eucalyptus trees grow in environments ranging from deserts to swamps and mountain sides, and originate mainly from Australia. These trees are not indigenous, in South Africa eucalypts are classified as an exotic species. These forests of trees are of… Continue reading

Does The Future have a Future

Last week over a thousand men women and children were attacked and many killed with chemical weapons in Syria and last year over 850,000 people in America were arrested for marijuana-related crimes ending a quality of life that is hard… Continue reading

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos mining, which was once South Africa’s third most valuable mineral export, after gold and coal, has caused more harm than good. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral found in the crust of the earth. The main commercial advantages of Asbestos… Continue reading

The Climate Reality Project Announces

The 2014 Climate Leadership Corps training dates have been released. The chairman and founder Al Gore to personally lead the South Africa leadership training session

The Climate Reality Project has announced training dates for its popular Climate Reality Leadership Corps.… Continue reading

Zululand and the environment

Dear Friends of Zululand and the environment,

You may by now be aware that the Mtunzini Conservancy appeal against the NEMA authorisation was rejected by the Minister. We are naturally very disappointed at this outcome. We are particularly unhappy … Continue reading