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Boost Juice Summer

It’s time to step up into summer and pull out that juicer and start using it, or make an investment purchase, from all the clothes you are about to sell. Juicing ingredients are full of phytonutrients, and that means more… Continue reading

A Skinology Experience

Dr Baumann’s Bionome skincare range has changed the way I think and feel about beauty products. My face feels softer plumper and somewhat hydrated. Initially I broke out with one or two skin blemishes from toxins that lay below the… Continue reading

Smokers Fail To Heed The Warning

29 May 2012: Smoking is one of the most heavily used addictive drugs and despite the risks to one’s health being widely known, every year thousands more people take up the habit. Research by the Cancer Association of South Africa… Continue reading

Are matrics ready for the exams?

Matrics face numerous challenges during their final exams but a balanced diet is one way they can make sure they perform at their best.

There are 512 029 full-time and 108 237 private candidates registered for exams which started this… Continue reading

Sexy Ever After: Intimacy Post-Cancer

The Newest E-Book From Good In Bed Guides Available October 1

Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer knows that there is an endless amount of information available about different types of cancer, symptoms, tests, treatments, side effects and even… Continue reading


Monday came and went, and it never occurred to me that I did not eat meat.  Around 11am my breakfast consisted of freshly sliced mango with yoghart. Not forgetting lunch on the run, a handful of almonds, and before… Continue reading

Web Writer

Health Sense invites writers to contribute articles for publication.

We celebrate the launch of our Web Writer opportunity inviting students,  independent individuals to earn credits/ exposure by contributing news, short editorials, lead articles that we will publish to the… Continue reading