Cupping Massage (Soma Bella)


shannon3_1976_1_1_2746In this modern fast paced world healing requires innovative techniques to deliver powerful results. Cupping is an ancient practice going back centuries and therapeutic insights are gained from the respected ancient masters. Massage cupping is a modified version of “cupping therapy,” extensively used in traditional Chinese medicine for several thousand years.

Cupping massage creates suction and negative pressure to drain excess fluids and toxins from the body. It stimulates the peripheral nervous system and delivers blood flow to stagnant muscles, skin and loosens adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue, definitely a big win in these modern times.

Cupping massage is a more widely used form of cupping among massage therapists and other health care practitioners. Before applying the silicone cup, oil is administered to the skin to facilitate smooth movement and palpably discover the areas of tension and congestion.  Placing the cup on the affected area creates a vacuum, as the cups glide over the surface. A cup may be “parked” for a short time on stubborn knots or over inflamed joints or tissue. Massage cups may be used on the neck, shoulders, back, sacral area, hip, abdomen, thigh, upper arms and calves.

Today a wonderful ancient tool has found its position in the contemporary world of alternative health care.  Soma Bella massage cups produce a modern form of vacuum massage therapy, and the results are simply incredible. What this simple treatment produces is truly an impressive experience, a subtle healing power.

Holistic Emporium’s passion for aromatherapy oils and holistic healing attributes them sourcing the finest pure ingredients. With an unabashed love for uniqueness they have created a modern expression and respectful emphasis to this ancient healing modality, making it genuinely unique and more accessible, easy for anyone to use.

Soma Bella massage therapy is incredibly versatile and the basic movements can easily be customized to accomplish a wide variety of techniques, from lymphatic drainage to deep tissue release.  It is also a great way to compliment many health modalities from spa treatments, medical massage to chiropractic, physical and occupational therapies.

Soma Bella massage cups captures an interestingly new slant to deep tissue massage techniques, based on the ancient practises of eastern cupping therapy.  Admirably Holistic Emporium has created the unique Soma Bella massage cups set, offers great therapeutic benefits on a cellular, physical and aesthetic level. Indulge yourself, creatively modernised, Soma Bella is seen to be the easy effective deep tissue massage.

Cupping massage is not advised over skin ulcers or to the abdominal or sacral regions of pregnant women.

What is cupping massage? The Soma Bella cups are used in conjunction with massage oils, moved using various techniques while gently pulling up on the epidermis layer of the skin. Bony land marks such as spine and scapula are to be avoided (due to compression typically would cause pain).  Health and healing are promoted by loosening soft and connective tissue and visible improvements are often seen in scars and adhesions. The outcome is increased circulation, lymph flow and the sensation is truly indescribable.

Today’s modern silicone therapy cups are claimed to alleviate bruising associated with traditional cupping. The cups are easier to use and are pliable, unlike glass or plastic, allowing for home use. Hydration and Soma Bella or general massage can also help reduce the bruising from cupping.

The benefits of a “Soma Bella” cupping massage are:

  • Dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite.
  • Pain management for sore stiff muscles
  • Detoxifies body by improving lymph circulation
  • Reduces stretch marks by improving elasticity and texture of the skin.
  • Relieves back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Generally reduces stress, relaxes and rejuvenates the body.
  • Helps relive digestive disorders.

Cupping massage can be integrated into almost any modality. The Soma Bella cupping massage set is inexpensive and is easily cleaned and stored. Almost all areas of the body will benefit from this innovative massage cupping technique, derived from the ancients. Soma Bella cupping massage is suitable for anyone to use in the comfort of their home. It is fun to do cupping massage and very results oriented. Notably the treatment feels absolutely fabulous.

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