Eating breakfast is the SMART THING to do

eating breakfast makes kids smarterThe morning scramble is in full swing.  You’ve fuelled yourself up on a cup of coffee and your child is a walking zombie, only awake on paper. Time is ticking and you have managed to navigate the bathroom clashes, found the shoes, retrieved all the homework and assembled the gym bag. It’s time for breakfast. Oh gosh, NO it is time to leave, and guess what that becomes? It is now breakfast on the run.

 The breakfast routine

The breakfast on the go routine, often morphs to NO BREAKFAST. With time, the body stops sending the “I AM HUNGRY” message early in the morning, so it progresses to NO THANKS to breakfast. Has your child become just like you, a breakfast skipper?

What is the harm in skipping breakfast?

You’ve done it for years, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. So does it matter?

The short answer is YES it matters both now and into the future. Breakfast skippers tend to be heavier.

Breakfast skippers are skipping a beat

A recent study performed by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found children skipping breakfast, are taking strain now. The researchers analysed the cognitive performance of over a thousand 6 year olds.

The study included 1269 little ones, who were categorized as either being:

  • Regular breakfast eaters  or
  • Breakfast skippers

Breakfast eaters turned out to be SMARTER than breakfast skippers. The study found, breakfast skippers scored on average 5.58 points lower on verbal skills and 4.6 points lower on total IQ. So, head to the kitchen before heading out the door in the morning. Your brain will thank you.

To build a brain you need to eat

This study did not make any attempt to vet the quality of the breakfast. A protein rich breakfast is likely to be a better option, than a box of sugar laden cereal. But the message is clear that a developing brain needs sustenance. Going for hours and hours without any food does take its toll.

Breakfast effect beyond food

The research team believe the breakfast effect, could extend beyond just fuelling up little brains.

Sitting down to breakfast requires some degree of social interaction between family members. Some, I realize find it is possible to shovel down a plate of cereal without saying a word, but 6 year olds don’t grunt, 13 year olds actually do. The breakfast banter (friendly or not), provides social stimulation, which is also likely to help brain development. Breakfast discussions can serve to expand vocabulary and afford opportunities to practice synthesizing and comprehending stories.

Make the time for breakfast

From start to finish, breakfast can be completed in exactly 10 minutes. Make it a priority.

Eating breakfast creates BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY and BETTER BRAIN CHEMISTRY helps you raise a healthier family and a smarter kid, maybe even a genius.

Let’s face facts eating a healthy breakfast jumpstarts your brain and boosts concentration and productivity throughout the morning. So, including a “brain food” in your morning meal may give you even more of a mental edge. Because there are several brain foods you may easily incorporate into your morning meal, you won’t get bored of eating the same thing every day.


Ref: Eco Health Sense / Dr Sandy Evans