Eco Health Sense Edition 3 2013

CoverAre you living a meaningful life? Are you alive, youthful and living large? Life is made up of a series of daily activities including and acts of decency and kindness, which, ultimately add up to something truly great over the course of your lifetime.

Look out we are creating a meaningful online community that will be the conscious change. Join the Eco Health Sense community as they are networking with those who are making a marked difference. Our new eco cover “look and feel”, depicts the face of tomorrow’s eco healthy conscious and friendly generation, creating energetic new discussions for a sustainable new world rising.

Watch what you buy as there are many things such hairspray, deodorant, crèmes, now made with love and care that have less impact on the atmosphere. Less greenhouse gases will rise into the air and global warning will slow down.

Many of us are taking time away from television sets, instead they spending more time outdoors and doing more interesting things. This really helps our planet a lot. Join our Eco Movement and follow us  . . .  plant some herbs, trees and recycle, be the eco difference.

Being youthful is not a witch’s brew or alchemist’s formula to be guarded from the eyes of the unbeliever or the hands of the uninitiated. Common sense simplicity of staying youthful is what keeps it from being readily accepted by the masses, since we are forever inclined to depreciate conscious simple truths.

We might go so far as to define the secret of youthfulness and staying fit as a kind of dietary golden rule: “Do unto your body as you would that it do unto you.” Prehistoric man instinctively followed this dietary golden rule. So did most ancient peoples and some of our grandparents, while only a few people on earth today still practice it. Like and follow us as we rise up and take what is simply golden, the Occupy Love evolution is the beginning. We are unfolding new pathways.

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