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Many of the the richest rewards of life, are material as well as spiritual, are never acquired simply because they are not asked for.  That is because this principle is so simple that it is so frequently not even recognized,  not put into daily practice.  Yet it is a fundamental principle of life.   Is it good?   Is it just?  Are you prepared for it?  Then ask for it!  Adopt the positive attitude, and ask for what you want from life.  Are you equipped to have and hold and develop what you desire the most, for your highest purpose?

We are primarily positive or fundamentally negative.  The positive attitude prompts us to look up and forward confidently.  The negative attitude fearfully looks backward and down.   Sometimes we scramble these two approaches to life, but in most cases one predominates.

I am the master of my fate –  I am the captain of my soul.

– William Ernest Henley

The very word positive conveys the idea of the explicit, confident, optimistic, decisive, affirmative, approving, absolute, certain and constructive values, as distinguished from skepticism , doubt, denial, hesitation, refusal, contradiction, withholding, neutralizing.  Positive can also mean overconfidentand dictatorial. This prompts clarification as between the genuine positive and three counterfeits:

the egotistical, the dominating,  and the hysterical positive.

You can identify these false positives among your own acquaintances.   You know more than one man or woman who is an egotistical positive.  The snob is invariably an egotistical positive, putting on an act of feeling secure,  superior,  and self-confident but, within, being ruled by feelings of fear that others will not take him at face value.      He is  inadequate and quaking with fear of  failure.

Some valuable tips for banishing negative habits:

  • Identify the habits by personal analysis supported by intelligent reading or by competent outside help.
  • Identify the yearnings and difficulties that helped to create the habits.
  • By study or consultation find outhow to make complete adjustment to the wants that gave  birth  to  the negative habits of thought.
  • Learn how to think positively, and by daily practice adopt the positive attitude.    The positive attitude makes negative patterns or habits disappear.

The truly positive person is a sane optimist and thinks and lives an affirmative, constructive life.  H e says, ” I can.   I’ll try.  Beginning now!”

All the good things of life can be directly traced in art, science, religion, politics— or what you will—to positive thought and action.

“You are the people who are shaping a better world.
One of the secrets of inner peace is the practice of compassion.”

– Dalai Lama (1935)

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