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As part of us delivering ethical content, and disseminating knowledge resources, it is our mission to network and build solid foundations with innovative and  eco sustainable business collectively campaigning for a better sustainable future for all.  All aspects of business are taken into consideration when creating website links / partnerships.


WESSA LOGOWESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) is a South African environmental organisation with a mission to implement high impact environmental and conservation projects which promote public participation in caring for the Earth. WESSA’s strong track record of 87 years include the delivery of human capacity development projects. Their strategic funding partnerships enable people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and environmental management choices.  Wessa’s critical focus areas include life-supporting eco-systems such as water, energy and biodiversity. Visit


Makulu Mutis – Provider of high quality electro-medical health care and natural supplements for optimum health. Using the Driver resonator results in outstanding wellbeing. Supplements include GlycoFix, ColonFix, Oxycream and colloidal silver products.



Go vegetarian for 24 hours every week – it is the easiest way for every South African to make a difference to the planet.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet,” said Albert Einstein.

Meat Free Mondays is an environmental campaign that raises awareness of the climate-changing impact of meat production and consumption. Many people are unaware about the detrimental impact that meat production has on the planet. Livestock farming is the most significant contributor to today’s most serious environmental problems. Animal agriculture contributes significantly to the destruction of tropical rainforests, soil erosion, dwindling reserves of fresh water, land, fuel and other resources.

Meat Free Mondays is backed globally by celebrities including Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sheryl Crow and Paul McCartney.  All individuals, celebrities, schools and corporates are urged to play their part in supporting this initiative.   Support & Visit:



Postural Integration is a unique and powerful psycho-somatic technique developed b Dr Jack Painter  for self exploration and development. It changes habitual physical and emotional patterns of behaviour, posture and movement. It is also helpful in the release of chronic stress, tension and trauma.  Its unusual effectiveness comes from the simultaneous use of body awareness, connective tissue work, energetic release and integration through breathing, expressive movement, and the integration of and opening to feelings and attitudes held in the bodymind. For more information on PI worldwide, please check the website of the International Council of Psycho-Corporal (Bodymind) Integration Trainers (ICPIT):

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Healthmakers – Healthy Lifestyle Equipment –

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