SA’s First Clinical Cannabis Convention Announced


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This August, local Cannabis activists and Non-Profit Company, Fields of Green for ALL, partner with leading global and local medical professionals to deliver South Africa’s first Clinical Cannabis Convention. The convention will share the latest scientific findings around Cannabis with the aim of educating doctors, caregivers and citizens around the responsible use of this controversial plant. The event will pioneer educating the local public and interested professionals around the medical-legal aspects of Cannabis.

The one day convention shares insights into how best to reintegrate the plant back into society, while relaying ways to maximize the plant’s benefits, minimize harms from uninformed and excessive use, and suggest guidelines to expedite the use of medical Cannabis for sick and terminally ill patients.

The Medical Innovation Bill was introduced by the late Dr Mario Ambrosini in 2014 to legalise the use of Cannabis as treatment for serious illness and is under consideration by the National Assembly. In addition to this,  The Medicines Control Council recently published draft guidelines for the cultivation of Cannabis for medical use. Similarly, the South African parliament is currently under deadline to consider legalising the personal use of Cannabis following a  judgment made earlier in 2017 by The Cape Town High Court in the Prince / Acton case.

The Clinical Cannabis Convention builds on matters challenging the constitutionality of Cannabis arrests in “The Trial of the Plant”, which is scheduled to take place during August 2017 in the Pretoria High Court. The trial and convention will expand on the inroads already made in court and in parliament around declaring the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act of 1992 and the sections of the Medicines Control Act of 1965, invalid and unconstitutional.

Myrtle Clarke, Managing Director of Fields of Green for ALL, says, “Our Clinical Cannabis Convention will be an opportunity to understand the physiology, legitimacy and ethics of Cannabis use locally, networking with forerunners in the Cannabis trade, both locally and from abroad.  We have planned an educational programme to inform doctors, medical caregivers and South African citizens on the latest scientific findings and the responsible use of Cannabis. With the incorporation of the plant into the medical sector being of such paramount importance, this event has been accredited by the South African Medical Association and HPCSA registered medical professionals will receive 3 Clinical and 6 Ethics CPD Points for attending. Further accreditation has been granted by the AHPCSA  and registered Allied Health Professional delegates will receive 8 CEU’s at the event. Any comments on the content of the presentation or CEU points application can be directed to Professional Consultants will be at the event to administer the points.

Leading global Cannabis experts will unpack the therapeutic implications of the Endocannabinoid system, the effects of consuming Cannabis and how it can be used as a tool for healing. Topics will include the legitimacy and practicality of the Cannabis trade, as well as the ethical considerations to be addressed.

“We aim to grow a local community who are fully informed about Cannabis, collaborating to pioneer Africa’s first legal Cannabis market. We are presenting a safe and reliable platform to discuss and learn about Cannabis and carving an avenue through which to integrate knowledge of this remarkable plant into our lives, practices and policies,” adds Myrtle.

Interested members of the public, allied health professionals, psychologists, social workers and traditional healers are encouraged to attend. These healers are the gatekeepers to indigenous plant knowledge and the first point of contact for healing with the community. Cannabis presents an opportunity to integrate Western and Traditional ways of healing. Fields of Green for ALL are more than excited about the sustainable prospects that await so many.