Using apps to find your balance

women-beautiful-woman-high-resolution-595199UShop helps make life easier and simpler . . .  for conscious busy women on the move

Time seems to fly by, becoming busier and busier as we go along. The years seem to pass us by faster than ever before and technology seems to be having a hand in this. Technology is making things much faster with Wi-Fi, apps, 3G, emails anywhere as well as smartphones that allow us to do anything from anywhere no matter what time or when. Technology often seems like such a burden, almost forcing us to work much faster than 20 years ago. Add into the mix a partner, a family, the children, daily household tasks, and more. This list becomes endless and we are exhausted just thinking about what we have to do and the little time we have to do it in.

We, as winning women, have an endless list of tasks we have to accomplish, it is important that we come to a point in our lives where we take a step back, reassess our lives and force ourselves to find that work life balance. Is that not what we all want – to find the time to get work done, get dinner sorted, get the children settled, do all the shopping and have time to enjoy life, enjoy the children, enjoy the family and take some time out?

We should not see technology as the hindrance or the ‘thing’ that has made our lives chaotic, that makes us available 24/7. We should look at the positive side of this disruption the “digital transformation” that assumes to have taken over our lives, but in essence we should see it as enhancing our lives, making it more flexible and so much easier. Facebook gives us the time to network with new people, share experiences with friends and family while  mobile phones and Whatsapp allows us to stay in touch no matter where we are. This is the exact reason why we created UShop.

UShop was created to bring you flexibility and peace of mind. A way to use technology to make your life easier. We understand that, as a conscious woman, with countless tasks at hand such as keeping the house stocked with food, preparing dinner, feeding and bathing the children, tidying the home all this while on the constant go (invariably working a full time career). There is so much to accomplish all in a day and so little time to spare. UShop is the app that makes your life easier. An app as we are aware that digital transformation allows for more flexibility for conscious busy women who already make use of the technology that is available all day long. Click on UShop with ease, in the palm of your hand. What’s better, UShop is for free and available for download for your Android or Apple.

UShop was designed with your needs in mind, but more specifically designed mainly to help overcome an obstacle that most encounter every day, that is shopping and cooking. Everyday tasks instantly transformed through the use of the UShop Application.  UShop offer the transforming conscious women access to recipes, shopping lists and most importantly, its ability to share, this innovative technology shopping and cooking instantly on Ushop.

UShop allows conscious busy women, to create, update and send shopping lists. These lists are easily stored for youand accessible, so you never forget one, that always important item to buy.

You can even send a shopping list to your partner or husband, so he doesn’t forget to buy what is needed. Simply tick what you have in your basket (cart) straight off your shopping list. No more paper notes or post it’s, or a myriad of to do lists all over the place, we forget or lose.

Become flexible with UShop App lists already ticked for that work life balance goal. Now, we can easily look at cooking again. An everyday task often becomes a nightmare. We rush home from work, exhausted, reaching for that glass of wine and realise that dinner still needs to be prepared. What to make? UShop has you covered. UShop sends you one new recipe every day – meat, fish, vegetarian, starter or dessert. Something simple, something new, something different and save all these recipes on your UShop App. We’ve even made sure you can categorise them. How awesome . . . you have access to a ton of recipes, in the palm of your hand, at your fingertips. Add your own recipes to the lists, especially those favourites you don’t want to lose. Life becomes immediately easier, no more recipe books, no more lost recipes, no more written books with Grandma’s favourite cottage pie. All your recipes stored in one place and even share these with your friends and family, how great to have UShop App.

What’s more, easily create a shopping list from a recipe. Let’s think of a scenario, friends from out of town are coming for dinner. You will be making a starter that you know off by heart, dinner from a recipe sent by UShop and dessert is a recipe you created on the UShop App. Three different meals and ingredients needed for all. No problem, quickly create a new shopping list by typing the ingredients you need to buy, then tick the ingredients you need on the current recipes on your UShop App. They are easily saved on the same shopping list. No paper, no long lists, no trying to remember everything, it is easily created and saved for you. Now all you need to do is hop in the car to the shop, tick as you fill your basket, yippee . . . all done with less stress.

Us conscious women, gracefully moving onto the digital transformation, that’s what we feel is important. Let us share with everyone photos, experiences, restaurants, family events and more. We all love entertaining and above all food, try something new. Share your recipes with friends and family. Share your shopping lists with your partner. UShop has just transformed your life by taking two activities and uncomplicated them, made them easier to execute and one step closer to creating your work life balance. UShop makes sure shopping trips are quick and easy, brings the fun into cooking again, makes sharing this aspect of your life digitally so simple, creating a balanced activity in your life.

Ref: Eco Health Sense / UShop

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