Vibrational Space

Beauty can come through when we allow it . . .

Image1All of life is about vibrational frequencies and how we express ourselves. The most important healing processes in the new millennium is to be able to tap into vibrational space that enables us to engage with our own unique soul frequency, thereby enabling us to live more consciously with passion and purpose in our world.

Looking for vibrational space may very well seem to be a strange approach to improving your life. With the digital platform in full focus we have enabled the interconnectedness of the universe and all that is exists in us.

Recently we met with Wendy Leppard a vibrational facilitator who combines her extensive background as an inspiring NLP Practitioner, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and Divine Openings Giver. Wendy’s interests in Metaphysics, Mindfulness and other healing modalities create a unique blend of for one to experience transformation and change on all levels: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and perceptual.

We all have choices and as human beings, we get to choose our behaviour and the outcomes to create how we experience our reality. Science says that everything is made up of patterns of light and information and anything can be transformed by choice, intention and desire for your life to be different. So inspired by Wendy’s vibrational space we choose to share our interview.

Q1 Wendy you have explored “outside the box” since a young child. Looking back please highlight one experience that strongly stood out for you?

A1 I clearly remember the impact ‘Mary Poppins’ the movie had on me. I was enchanted and fully believed that life was that magical. The children writing a note of what they would have loved to have and despite it being torn up it went up the chimney and landed in Mary Poppins’ hand. The way she ‘descended from the cloud’ (ha ha . . . sounds like techno speak!) her Mary Poppins bag, jumping realities when they dived into the painting on the pavement. That was actually the installation from my childhood that instilled my experience of reality.

And although the evidence around me did not necessarily support those beliefs, I used to think that’s ok, you’ll see one day when I’m grown up, I’ll do what I want to do. My friends often call me ‘the queen of manifestation’ because I barely think ‘oh I’d love that or I’d love to experience that or I’d love to go there’ and it occurs.

Q2. There is a new world emerging, would you coin your therapy sessions “new age”, or is this more about the Quantum Physics Entanglement, Divine Matrix and Heart Intelligence.

A2 Personal Evolution and Awakening Awareness is where I am at. I don’t believe in ‘therapy’ or ‘new age’. Therapy implies you go to someone and they make you better. ‘new age’ is still part of the old Newtonian perception of a separation like new age and old age. Yes, its certainly about Heart Intelligence. In tests done by the Heartmath Foundation, they connected a ‘test subject’ up to a computer which randomly selected images to illicit a response from the person and were amazed when the Heart received the message first and then instructed the Brain.

Q3. The Space In Between is it about personal transformation, pure awareness and enlightenment? What is the methodology applied here to assist people to shift their baseline experience?

A3 Mostly people are living in the past or the future simply because they may not know how to be ‘in the present’. I love seeing people empowered from ‘within’ and share tools to assist them with evolving ‘beyond the story’ and creating a ‘meeting within’ that can be instantly life changing. Mesmerism is a thought form that controls many peoples’ lives. If you’re still an avid news follower you may like to reconsider and choose to focus on what nourishes, nurtures and supports you. I make people aware of choosing wisely for themselves. By stepping out of the matrix that binds one to the old ‘separation’ mentality. Ask yourself a question ‘What do I want instead of…?’ On a deeper level the opening, shift or change occurs at the level that goes beyond the conscious mind and defies description. Although we’re conditioned to apply meaning and attempt to describe and name things clients very quickly learn to ‘be with what is’ and enjoy the experience.

Q4. Is this a self-development program? How would you explain it in lay terms?

A4 It doesn’t have to be ‘development’ and it’s not a ‘program’ it can be instant. Development implies it has to be played out over time, this is not necessary. Each client’s experience is totally unique to them. Once you have the basic tools. Your own Inspirations ‘Within’ will flow and you’ll begin to ‘command’ your Reality from ‘Within’ as opposed to attempting to ‘control’ it.

Q5. Wendy you guide people to maintain the omni-present connection? For example to be living in lasting joy, what tools are needed here?

A5 Lasting joy is achieved by dropping all the limiting labels you’ve applied to yourself and being aware of who, what, where and how you are with and without them. This happens through connecting in the Field of the Heart. I use various techniques to instantly help people connect in that space and many experience themselves with awareness and joy for the first time.

Q6 You’ve been extensively involved with Matrix Energetics in the USA and EU, how has that benefited you?

A6 Matrix Energetics was the catalyst for me to focus on individual sessions as opposed to concentrating on groups. Everything is an access point for ‘what’s next’ and it certainly formed the basis from which I have personally evolved and from which I now work.

Q7. How do you awaken a process in an individual who consults with you? Is this where we get off the hamster wheel of the never ending seeking, healing and working on one’s self? Is this where we eliminate old beliefs/patterns filled with limitations, and get shown new ways to act and think?

A7.The tools I share assist people with maintaining a higher baseline emotional state. As you know everything is vibration, frequency, everything is communicating with everything all the time. Everything finds a ‘vibrational match’. So if one’s operating in a ‘drama pattern’ for instance, that’s a low vibration and will create evidence of the very thing that’s being perceived by attracting a vibrational match and that’s how people can perpetuate dramas in their lives. A low vibration can be caused by constant flitting between past and future and not being ‘Present Within’. We’re also conditioned like problem seeking missiles and in the continuous noticing of what needs ‘fixing’ we create.

Q8. Wendy please give us a brief idea of what one can expect by having a transformation sessions with yourself, and how many session will be required to make a significant shift or change?

A8. Most people experience freedom from their ‘suffering’ (or most people experience their evolution) after one session. I recommend three sessions and most clients find that helpful in really grounding the changes it also allows for change to occur on all layers. When the first base is strong it creates a platform to navigate with ease and elegance through whatever else occurs.

Q9. Wendy you spent time with Gregg Braden who has always advocated the synthesis of science and spirituality. He says that we can bridge the gap between the two. Is this where we should be “programming reality”?

A9. Maybe, for me it’s a ‘coming home’ from all the distractions through advertising, Television, especially by big pharma that seem to be bent on inviting people to look for what is wrong with them and thereby creating more dis-ease. Nowadays it should be more about creating rather than programming.

In the past regarding Science and Religion, the sense of separation is what causes separation. When one is Present Within, those concepts don’t exist. Everything that is evidence based in science and religion is just a concept based on somebody’s opinion, its open to interpretation in the moment, however, humans can tend to hone in on a perception which may then become a limiting belief.

We’ve been conditioned into a ‘fear based reality’ and the need to ‘defend’ something that doesn’t actually even exist! Everything is an idea and in a state of potential. The Observer creates the outcome/ evidence through expectation of particular information and constructs their experience of reality in the moment.

For me there’s only One Consciousness and when one experiences that connection with all things it’s a basis for world peace. You cannot dream of harming another once you’ve experienced that.

Wendy continues to travel regularly to EU and USA to keep updated with the latest developments in the field of Metaphysics and Miracles.

In conclusion we can choose to unplug from the ‘Un-Divine’ Matrix and go ‘cold turkey’ from the news, newspapers and television. Any area in your life where you observe yourself ‘resisting’ is the very place to question the hold something has over you. News is nothing new it’s actually all old stuff. It’s the same old same old themes perpetually repeated over and over again. How is this helpful? How is it helpful to continuously hear about death and drama? There is so much to be positively enthralled with. Are we creating more death and drama by our focus on news, violent movies, soap operas and all that goes with that genre?

Just take a moment in your garden in the morning, change the way you habitually do things. ‘If you want something different, do something different’ every day, do one.

Ref: Eco Health Sense / Wendy Leppard