About Us


Eco Health Sense has been disseminating ethical researched information, knowledge, and educating naturalism and uprightness since 2002.   We are passionate to reach and enrich lives. Our mission is to influence the growing demand for change, creating new open trends, supporting eco sustainability, inter spirituality, the exploring the truth about health and much more. We attracts people from all walks of life. We author and encourage conscious progressive thinkers to participate as editorial contributors local and international who are experts in their fields of choice. Naturally this broadens our topical range of excellence.

Our planet and its sustainable future so fragile, let alone the fast paced lifestyles required for optimal performance – are all held in delicate balance.  As part of our educational inniative we promote healthy lifestyle benefits, nutrition in focus, endurance, performance and protection from stress and harsh environmental elements. Further to open the minds and create more awareness about our sustainable future. Participation is the first step to creating smarter neighbourhoods, and sustainable communities.