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carrot copyMoving forward on a path to create a healthy lifestyle may be the best decision you ever made. Let us consider soup for instance, research shows people who begin lunch with vegetable soup end up eating 20 percent less than those who skipped the soup. Add soup to your meal plan is a great move. Select a nutritious soup, broth-based as it has low energy density, fewer calories per gram than other food. Soups contain low to moderate amounts of sodium. Soups contribute to a feeling of fullness or satiety therefore choosing to start your meal with a soup, may certainly prevent you from overeating.


Whole grain foods are excellent choices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as they are high in fibre. A high fibre intake is helpful in weight management. Whole grains have been around a long while, but the “on-trend” group in of the whole grain family falls under the moniker of ancient grains. These are grains such as farro, quinoa and sorghum, to name a few.

Farro is often labelled the “mother of all wheat species.” The grain is highly regarded in Italy and fast becoming one of the popular grains on the ‘on-trend’ list. Farro is high in fibre consists of protein, vitamin B3 and zinc, and low in gluten.

Quinoa is technically a gluten-free seed, however in cooking it is used as a grain. It is exceptionally high in protein, iron and fibre.

Sorghum is a great substitute for wheat, is gluten-free and high in protein, iron and fibre notably has a rich source of antioxidants.

Health Coaching

Nutrition O provides health coaching services to clients seeking to make changes for a progressive and effective modern healthy lifestyle. Whether we fine tuning, or enhancing your current status or weight loss we are here to help you make that paradigm shift.

There are a myriad of individuals who just cannot make the required shift, lose weight or effectively manage their desired weight permanently. Our client base has grown extensively over the last decade, and we offer:

  • Corporate Wellness
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Menu Analysis & Development
  • Healthy Pantry Raids
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Recipe Development
  • Supermarket Tours
  • Weight Management

  The coaching component includes:

1. The foods. With increasing evidence of our diet’s critical role in finding or maintaining good health, more and more people are investing in natural organic or vegetarianism. Comparing the benefits of a vegetarian diet to a meat based diet, two areas should be considered, the anatomical structure of the human body, and the physical effects of meat consumption.

2. The Coaching. Nutrition O coaches you virtually hands on to ensure your desired outcome and success. The coaching  is convenient and easy, as we coach you in the comfort of your home/office.

3. The Program. Nutrition O offers individually tailored plan / program to guide you on your journey to ensure optimal lifestyle modification with lasting results. Along with the coaching services there is the bedrock of information to facilitate lasting behavioural change and progressive health insights.

Nutrition O has been consulting with a growing clientele for over 12 years, and has experience and ‘know how’ to assist individuals with tailored meal plans and personal coaching to facilitate long lasting lifestyle changes for optimal health.

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