Structured Water

1505106_10202982354268229_256275824_nThe hydrologic cycle is one of the most important life support systems on the planet. We are facing serious consequence for the current and future generations in the way we are contaminating our freshwater resource. Incidences of water-related diseases are rising; resistance to drugs on the increase. Irrigated land per capita is falling, and competition for agricultural water from cities is growing. It is estimated more than 700 species of fish may be threatened or endangered. The human interference in global climate is now evident, and the hydrologic cycle will be seriously affected in ways we are only now beginning to pay attention and study.

We as the human race drink water, clean, fish and swim in water. We cook with water but we invariably always overlook the special role that plays in our lives. Droughts cause famines, floods cause death and bring disease. Undeniably water is one of the most important factors in terms of what you put into your body, simply because without it you will die within a few days. Two-thirds of your body is water, in terms of the number of molecules, your body actually consists of over 99 percent water molecules.

There are in excess of twenty types of products on the market that purport to alter the structure of water in order to help maintain or restore health, youth, and vigour. Water is one of the few known substances whose solid form is less dense than the liquid. There is probably no liquid that has received more intensive study, and there is now a huge literature on this subject.  Structured water is influenced greatly by molecular modelling simulations which began in the 1980s, a very short time scale (less than a picosecond), water is more like a “gel” consisting of a single, huge hydrogen-bonded cluster.

Our ordinary drinking water is never chemically pure, especially when in contact with sediments. The ground waters (from springs or wells) contain ions of calcium and magnesium, and often iron and manganese as well; the positive charges of these ions are balanced by the negative ions carbonate/bicarbonate, and occasionally some chloride and sulphate. In some regions groundwater contains unacceptably high concentrations of naturally occurring toxic elements such as selenium and arsenic.

Water (H2O) is often perceived to be ordinary as it is transparent, odourless, tasteless and ubiquitous. It is the simplest compound of the two most common reactive elements, consisting of just two hydrogen atoms attached to a single oxygen atom. Indeed, very few molecules are smaller or lighter. Liquid water, however, is the most extraordinary substance contradicting its apparently simple molecular constituent.

Liquid water has importance as a solvent, a solute, a reactant and a biomolecule, structuring proteins, nucleic acids and cells and controlling our consciousness. H2O is the second most common molecule in the Universe (behind hydrogen, H2), the most abundant solid material and fundamental to star formation. There is a hundred times as many water molecules in our bodies than the sum of all the other molecules put together. Life cannot evolve or continue without liquid water, which is why there is so much interest in finding water on other planets and moons. It is not surprising that water plays a central role in many World religions.

In today’s day and age people are concerned about one of two things that is: how to make money? or how to save money? We found a company offering just that Designer Water South Africa is madly passionate about water, and their unique water system does both.   They sell ionizers that structure water. What is structured water? How do ionisers work?

Ionisers alter the structure of water by making the water more alkaline, thereby improves ones immunity, thus reducing illness, improves productivity, mental alertness, provides increased energy and helps to improve and reduce stress. So we can now sleep less and do more. Plus save money on costly bottled water refills (at a low cost of 7c per litre for refills).  This is a healthy way to save money on cleaning chemicals / toxins and help save the environment, by reducing your carbon footprint. Join the green revolution and produce your own bottled water, for meetings, events and marketing. Help others overcome lifestyle related illnesses and restore the body’s natural balance.   Recover quicker from illness and disease, eliminate constipation and digestive disorders and stay healthy. An ideal opportunity to introduce structured or “designer” water to boost your company’s wellness plans, show you care for your work colleagues.

Designer Water aims to make a difference and give back to community. With the increase on the rise of clean water they began looking for a way to make their mark in South Africa, and came across Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water. They found the product is widely used across the globe with no truly committed companies in SA promoting the product and its benefits. Designer Water vouch for some truly incredible results with conditions such as Cancer, Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s to name a few, where beneficial evidence has been seen by drinking ionized water.

It is through their journey with ionized water and extensive research Designer Water believe they can truly educate, make the difference in South Africa by bringing healthy water solutions to our nation having found affordable solutions without sacrificing the quality.

Today Designer Water specialize in marketing the following products: Alkaline Water, Water Ionizers, Water Filters, Testing Equipment, Ozone, Bottled Water and Himalayan Salt. Notably their filtration system removes herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and its toxic by-products, heavy metals, fluoride, virus, bacteria and fungi by up to 99.9%.  Structured water opens up a whole new way of looking at health, supercharges any nutrition program and leads to enhanced level of wellness, energy and mental clarity when embraced fully.

Designer Water offer a range of different go to market strategies. They have wholesale, resell, bottling plants and sales agency pricing structures and models available.


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