Your Inner Terrain … Live Blood Analysis

Are you thinking about trying Live Blood Analysis?

If we understaBlood Livend why the blood is sick we then understand why other cells in the body are sick and if we are able to improve the quality of the blood we will be able to improve the quality of almost every cell in the body.”

As your blood cells float lazily across the screen in front of you, with a cosmic background and occasionally sparkling lighter ‘moon stars ’. This visual scene beguiles truths to be revealed about your health. This is what we call live blood analysis.

Live blood analysis, is also known as nutritional microscopy or dark-field microscopy and is fundamentally the analysis of living blood under a powerful microscope, connected to a camera.  The condition and quality of our red blood cells have a direct impact on our present and future health, with signs of stress and disease appearing in the blood years before they manifest as symptoms in the body.

One of the biggest casualties of our modern fast paced life is the toll it takes on the body, especially the digestive system, liver, and kidneys. This brings a whole host of imbalances such as inflammation, allergies, arthritis, skin problems, constipation, bowel issues, stress and chronic disease. Excess acidity sets the stage for bad bacteria (like yeast and fungus) and even viruses that wreak havoc on our health.

Afri Zen Health prides themselves in their holistic approach in assisting tired bodies and minds in finding their ultimate zest for life balance.   Ziggy owner of Afri Zen Health is passionate about promoting the benefits of physical and mental balance and is on a drive to reach as many belligerent bodies as possible A one-hour Live Blood Analysis eerily appears on the screen, a small drop of blood is placed onto a slide which is placed under a microscope and projected onto a screen.  By studying your individual blood structure, the qualified practitioner shares how your blood compares to healthy balanced blood while screening your blood’s characteristics. This gives you the opportunity to engage and receive recommendations regarding your condition, diet, lifestyle and energy treatments available.

Live Blood Analysis is also known as live blood testing, nutritional microscopy, live cell analysis and hemaview.

This powerful analysis tool is revolutionising the way natural health practitioners assess their clients’ health. Within one hour live blood analysis will identify underlying imbalances and the root cause of disease.

The microscopic evaluation of live and dry blood is an indispensable technique used to assess health at a cellular level. Its history goes back for more than 60 years and it is still developing today. Researchers globally have spent hours behind their microscopes, analysing thousands of samples making careful observations about the differences between healthy and unhealthy blood specimens, correlating their findings with clinical symptoms and conditions.

What we have gained from all their hard work is a technique unparalleled in its accuracy and unmatched in its reliability. It has steadily grown in popularity among natural health practitioners worldwide by virtue of the insight it is able to provide on the body’s internal environment, which we refer to as the ‘terrain’.

Live blood analysis is not a diagnostic tool, rather a preventative approach to care where it assesses the biological terrain to determine levels of toxicity, acidity, oxygenation, nutrition and ecological balance.

Live Blood Analysis benefits:

  • Show visual proof of the effects of poor diet & lifestyle choices.
  • Prove positive changes in diet & lifestyle results.
  • View and assess dynamic interplay between health and disease on a cellular level.
  • Provides valuable information about a great number of body imbalances.
  • Identify the most important health priorities and assist in maintaining optimal health.
  • Identify underlying imbalances at an early stage that can be corrected with simple natural protocols.
  • Monitoring of progress and the effects of treatment can be viewed.
  • Test and monitor the effectiveness of any given treatment.
  • By following the program whole-heartedly improvement in the blood is seen.

This innovative technique allows practitioners to test specific treatment protocols and monitor progress. The effects of the newest supplement or natural medicine can be tested by looking at the changes brought on in the blood after using the medicine.

Specific diets and other lifestyle choices can also be tested. A specific combination that works best for each individual can be determined. This is done accurately because the blood doesn’t lie. Changes can be seen occurring in the blood after a specific treatment and it is living proof of the effect of that treatment on the body.

Commonly observed conditions in live blood include:

Digestive disorders * Poor protein/fat digestion * Acidity / Latent tissue acidosis

Oxidative stress / Free radical damage * Toxicity * Degeneration

Vitamin deficiencies * Mineral deficiencies * Essential fatty acid deficiencies

Liver stress * Kidney stress * Raised Cholesterol & Homocysteine levels * Uric acid

Yeast (Candida) / Intestinal dysbiosis * Parasites * Bacteria * Plaque

Immune weakness / imbalance * Blood sugar imbalance * Allergies

Heavy metal toxicity * Bowel toxicity * Infections * Cardiovascular risk

By examining the live blood it is possible to assess the body’s terrain and anticipate the onset of disease.  Live blood analysis is a simple and visually graphic way to obtain a fuller understanding of your health condition.  It is a non-invasive methodology which reveals a lot about one’s current state of health.

There are many natural health practitioners in South Africa who utilise live blood analysis to reliably demonstrate what patients should know, giving them a more complementary approach to correct imbalances in their quest for optimal health.