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Innovative Wound Care

Many wounds heal naturally without any problems. However, the most common complication after surgery is wound infection. This indicates that germs start to infect and grow in the wound which delays wound healing. Wound infections are usually treated by dressing… Continue reading

Hair Alchemy

The chemistry of the middle ages in essence aimed to change the base metals into gold and to discover the elixir of perpetual youth. It was seen as the power of transmutation; a seemingly miraculous change of one thing to… Continue reading

Epilepsy a holistic approach


65 million people live with epilepsy around the globe. The word ‘epilepsy’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘to be seized, to be overwhelmed by surprise’. Epilepsy sufferers may experience recurring seizures. Anyone can have a seizure, if… Continue reading

Vitiligo (Leucoderma)


We are living in the era of technology where our lives are run like machines. So often we an average day begins and ends where we do not consider what or how we eat. As evening approaches we don’t… Continue reading

Summer Detox Benefits

The benefits of a detox vary from person to person, essentially you are bound to experience optimal health and overall improve your appearance. Your mood will be balanced and you are sure to feel an inner calmness. Having an improved… Continue reading

BASIL vs Tulsi’s Many Wonders

Basil is praised for its health promoting and disease preventing properties.  It is the sacred basil that has captivated the imagination of man, long before the times of Rigveda for good health and its environmental benefits.  This plant… Continue reading

CANNIBIS Misunderstood medicine?

What you’ve been told and what you should have been told. For decades we have been exposed to very little actual information about cannabis. It’s been a pretty taboo subject, with the only significant discussion being about its claimed harm… Continue reading

Cupping Massage (Soma Bella)


In this modern fast paced world healing requires innovative techniques to deliver powerful results. Cupping is an ancient practice going back centuries and therapeutic insights are gained from the respected ancient masters. Massage cupping is a modified version of… Continue reading